Leader’s Insight provides executive coaching for businesses and organizations seeking to develop individuals, groups, and teams in an effort to increase performance and improve working relationships.

The firm was founded by Janet Steinwedel, PhD, in 2005. Though we are primarily based in the Delaware Valley, we have strategic alliances with numerous skilled coaches spread throughout the Northeast and in the UK. We also have resource partners for specific areas of consulting such as organization development, change management and health education (e.g.,stress management or smoking cessation). Our customer base is growing each year and regional, national and global assignments continue to surface.

“A good leader must understand what makes a good life and how to help people find that….It's about helping people be truly happy and find meaning in their work and life.” The Mind of the Leader, Hougaard & Carter 


High rewards come from taking a focused, customized approach to learning with key persons in your organization.

Today’s Key Organizational Challenges:

⤷ global talent development (individual & teams)
⤷ succession planning
⤷ retention of HiPo's
⤷ innovation

It is important to integrate adult learning methods, current business issues and goals in a thinking partnership. Executive Coaching is a multi-billion-dollar industry, and most of today’s companies, buffeted by disruptive change and acute challenges are already using coaches.

Various Studies Show ROI:

⤷ Metrix Global
⤷ Manchester Career Services/Right Management
⤷ The Conference Board
⤷ 2001 Fortune magazine

and support the executive coaching initiative reporting ROI exceeding 600% and 700% on coaching fees spent.

Increased Needs of a Global Environment:

⤷ Communication needs in many forms
⤷ Cultural curiosity
⤷ Cross-cultural relationship building
⤷ Global team effectiveness

As a result of the changes the expanding global marketplace has brought, organizations are redefining their priorities for leader development.

With a constant eye on achieving successful outcomes it is precisely these kinds of changes and the speed at which they arrive—and the time pressure this places on executives—that makes the best case for investing in coaching.

Leader’s Insight focuses on building an individual’s resilience and agility in the process of coaching to help leaders adapt to the rapid and startling changes that are more and more the norm.

“Janet is a great fit with our organization. Her integrity and personal authenticity relate well with our values and climate.”
SVP, Hospital Leadership Team

“Janet's energy and enthusiasm are contagious.”
HRVP, Pharma

“Her knowledge about the coaching world and how and when to integrate coaching in the leadership development continuum are spot on.”
VP Talent Development, Pharma