Over the last 15 years, Janet has enjoyed extending her work to the world of faith-based leadership. She uses her expertise in organizational development, systems thinking and conscious leadership to work with organizations like the Episcopal Diocese, the Science of the Mind organization Awakened Heart Spiritual Center, and Presbyterian Church, USA. In 2004 Janet became a Ruling Elder for Westminster Presbyterian Church, USA and in 2020 she studied to become a Stephen Minister. Her work as an executive coach and leadership development consultant enhances these efforts.

In 2019 Dr. Steinwedel began her first year-long, faith-based leadership group with 10 leaders from the Synod of the Northeast. This was an opportunity to take the basic design of the transformational leadership work of Leader’s Insight and adjust and re-work it to support a Servant Leadership model. Reverend Dr. Harold Delhagen, Synod Leader and Executive for the Synod of the Northeast, PC USA, was instrumental in recognizing what Janet could bring to the needs of his organization. In support of Group Coaching and the collaboration he said,

“This is just the kind of intervention that we have been looking for in my community. As religious organizations engage in new, innovative and healthy transformation, we need leaders with authenticity. Dr. Steinwedel’s approach to group coaching and leadership development is an important tool in cultivating this new type of leader. Gone are the days of old leadership templates where one type fits all. Drawing on the insights of Jungian psychology, Janet invites participants into a facilitated journey into their own deepest selves daring to look honestly at one’s aspirations as well as their shadow self. This process holds a high value on the giftedness of the individual and confidence that given an honest and trusted environment the participant will strengthen their own leadership abilities.

As a leader of a faith community I am delighted to see this coaching process embedded in a learning community. This further dispels old and unhealthy concepts of the ‘lone leader’ with its manifestations of manipulation and boiler plate methodologies. Dr. Steinwedel offers a way toward what I consider to be Biblical values of servant leadership and facilitates a healthier sense of living and working together in community.

The bottom line is that this book offers insights into how those chosen to lead might do so with integrity that arises from deep self-reflection along with experiences of healthy collegial/community life. I know that my organization will be well served by this work.” 

"Psychology without spirituality is arid and ultimately meaningless, while spirituality without grounding in psychological work leads to vanity and illusions.” Enneagram

“Meaninglessness inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable—perhaps everything.” C. G. Jung

Other Support for “Group Coaching”:

“For twenty years my work as a Presbytery Executive was assisting congregations in managing change, particularly the transition of pastors. Over time the frequency and furor of these transitions accelerated and the systems in place to manage these changes became overwhelmed. The work Dr. Janet Steinwedel defines in this book offers a compelling and compassionate model of how regional church bodies might better support pastors in navigating constant change. This book does not propose to be a theological work. However, it does illuminate the human journey to better know oneself in order to better serve others in healthy and helpful ways. What strikes me in Dr. Steinwedel’s writing as both obvious and yet tragically understated in leadership development is the critical need to support the interior work of self-discovery. Group Coaching provides a road map for establishing a coaching initiative, which will resonate with clergy and have direct application to the practices of good pastoral work. Yet more than a road map, what is provided here is a vision for a healthy and vital organization, which believes in the innate ability of people to grow in giftedness and grace. Thank you, Janet, for such an affirmation!”

Reverend Jim Moseley, Campbell Memorial, Presbyterian Church, Weems, VA.

 “Janet Steinwedel has extended the range and depth of the field of coaching to include both social horizontal dimensions and the vertical spiritual dimension. This book is a highly practical guide for professionals who wish to take their work further. The author’s seriousness in this endeavor is to be commended, and her expertise is most impressive.”

-Murray Stein, Ph.D., Author of Jung’s Map of the Soul