Enhancing Credibility...Developing Strategy...Integrating a Results Orientation

In teams, groups or with individuals we focus on the work and purpose of Human Resources and Talent Management. In a recent Forbes article, Edward Lawler III* noted, "The challenge of HR is not just to establish the importance of talent, but it is to link talent to the business strategy."

We use innovative approaches to collaborate with clients on employee engagement, talent development and people strategies that support the business and align with business priorities.


  • Cultivate high-performing teams with effective leaders
  • Clarify purpose, roles and how work gets done
  • Develop teams that are partnering & collaborating successfully with the [global] organization
  • Discern ways to leverage key talent within the team for the projects at hand
  • Establish ways to keep current in terms of approach, business, industry and HR trends
  • Strategize a way forward
  • Sustain energy & agility 

In groups of 10 or less, HR Business Partners or Talent Management Associates that wish to develop a particular skill or set of skills meet regularly over the course of 6-9 months.

A focus on enhancing the ability to be internal consultants, trusted advisors and/or internal coaches.  


Personal and professional development to:

  • Meet goals and aspirations and build credibility
  • Develop resilience and agility
  • Modify and model diversity and inclusion skills to meet today's extraordinary global environments