"I was given the privilege to be a participant in a women’s group led by Janet. The opportunity came at a nodal point in my own career as I was appointed to a prominent leadership position in the organizations’ newly established service line structure. While not new to management, it was my first experience in that type of role.

I welcomed the prospect of working so closely with women in similar positions within the organization. The experience was indeed transformative. The “prework” of understanding myself as guided by testing and discussions with Janet provided the platform for working with the group. The sessions were masterfully conducted to allow each of us to attain a much deeper understanding of ourselves. That knowledge of our true selves enabled each of us to expand our appreciation of the intricacies of human interaction so that we felt empowered to more effectively navigate the often turbulent waters encountered in leadership positions. My journey since the sessions has had its own twists and turns, each one an opportunity for learning and growth. The insight gained through working with the group has brought me to an inner peace that continues to serve as the guiding principle in both my personal and professional life. I would like to congratulate Janet for writing this book and thank her for the invaluable contributions she continues to make through her work." 

Elizabeth Zadzielski, MD MBA
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology
Sinai Hospital of Baltimore


“My experience with Insight Group Coaching has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my career in medicine. As an introvert and an optimist, I was initially not sure how to react t one of my colleagues in the group who seemed very negative. As the months progressed I realized that her comments served as my guide, permitting me to look inside myself at thoughts and feelings being triggered in me, and I gained a deeper understanding of what was really holding me back as a leader. This direct opportunity for self-discovery under the guidance of our facilitator enabled me to see myself more clearly. In the end, self-awareness facilitated transformative growth and self acceptance."

Linda J. Lang, MD,
Chair, Department of Psychiatry, Behavioral Health Service Line, Health Care System


"I've just picked up your brilliant new book and am voraciously reading it. Thank you for writing it - It's just what I needed to validate and inspire my transition to executive coaching from a depth psychotherapy background. Would love to connect with you further."                                                                 - Angela from LA

"CONGRATULATIONS on this fantastic accomplishment!  All of your hard work has paid off and your book will benefit so many coaches and clients!”
                                                                              - Jill in DE

"I have downloaded your book and begun reading it--EXCELLENT!! And it's the first of more!  Thanks for the hard work and such a marvelous contribution."                                                                                                                                  -Tom in DE


"Janet is extraordinarily gifted at facilitating the advancement of the Executive Coaching profession. She skillfully takes iconic classical thinking (Jung, Wittgenstein, Goethe among others), adds her own experiences and learnings and weaves those "actionable" insights
into a practical guide for being a successful coach. 

Her observations hit the heart of the matter adding depth to what it means to be authentic, "walking in someone else's shoes, finding
"gems of light" in the darkness of experiences, and knowing ourselves before supporting others. Her ability to see what is hidden in plain sight is profound.   

Anyone looking to raise their level of their awareness in the Executive Coaching profession would find Janet's work as an invaluable tool for their own progression in self-realization. As Janet aptly describes,
being an effective coach isn't just about skills, it's recognizing yourself as an instrument, a reflection of life experiences, appreciating the "wounded healer", not as an identity, but as part of the journey to effective coaching.

Janet's work by far is a must read for those looking to be a successful part of the future of the profession. Authenticity as an Executive Coach is a compelling, substantive and enlightening narrative that should be an essential part of every coach's library."

Walt Cleaver
Former President & CEO, HR People & Strategy