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Leadership Off-Sites

Janet is an energetic and compelling facilitator; she works well with keynote speakers; with a planning team from the organization; or through her own individual knowledge, skills and style. She has the ability to make the off-site experience extremely productive and well worth the time committed to it.

Dr. Steinwedel draws from her academic studies as well as a host of experiences over her 30 years in the business arena. She starts with authentic approaches to developing ones sense of self and elicits the confidence and capability in each person to lead others successfully.

Janet has a wide network to pull from in creating a multi-speaker workshop approach that meets the demands of an organization’s current situation with an eye toward the future.

"Janet really knows leadership development—you can tell she loves being in the conversation and getting you in the conversation—enabling you to be your best." SVP Pharma, London

"This was the best leadership off-site I’ve been a part of." SVP Pharma, US

"Janet helped us to communicate more openly and effectively than we ever have as a team." VP Biotech, MidAtlantic

Janet: "Incorporating David Whyte in leadership development projects—most recently in a leadership off-site—have been high points for me. Having spent time with David on his walks through the Burren region on the West Coast of Ireland, the Lake District in Northern England, and in the Galapagos Islands, along with several other retreats and seminars, I’ve come to value him as a mentor and guide. David has a way of creating intimacy with a group very quickly—he speaks to the human condition and is fearless in his story-telling and personal authenticity. I enjoy pulling through the fundamental threads David weaves through his talks in my tag-team workshops—threads that connect with career discernment; authentic leadership; work/life integration; creativity and innovation; re-imagination; moving through fear; and hazarding ourselves to that which calls us."