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Team Coaching

There are two main components to every team: the leader of the team, and the team itself. Team coaching meetings always include both. This allows us to clearly establish the team’s goals and direction. While some work may be aimed at strengthening the skill set of the leader, our main focus with team coaching is always on the team. Efficient teamwork is highly valued in all organizations, so our goal at the start is to assess how well the team works together. This requires a determination of normal team behavior, role clarity, and expectations. Our coach will then attend regular team meetings to assist members as the team goes about its work. While the main focus will always be team interaction, some individual coaching may be provided as appropriate to the situation.

As we do with all of our coaching services, we will develop a plan and a contract with the team. As we execute the plan, we’ll make regular checks of our progress to ensure that we are on track with goals we’ve established. This regular assessment of the team’s work allows us to modify our plan as we go, if necessary. Finally, when we reach the end of the coaching process, team members will be encouraged to contract with each other on issues like behaviors, processes, and roles in order to sustain and build on success.